Specialised Rendering Services

Our highly qualified teams are able to perform rendering over a large range of surfaces and are able to produce a variety of quality rendering finishes. Please contact us if you require further information about any of these services or how these services can address your requirements.

Rendering over Hebel®

Hebel ® Autoclaved Aerated Concrete is an amazing, innovative building material that is lightweight and is formed into blocks and panels. It delivers benefits of traditional materials such as strength, acoustics, fir and pest resistance, but can be installed faster, saving construction time.

We have a wealth of experience with performing render over Hebel® surfaces. Hebel Australia recommends that Hebel surfaces be rendered to prevent water ingress and to improve the overall appearance of the exterior.

Rendering over Foam Board and Mouldings

Foam Board or Foam cladding is becoming a popular choice for households, especially for extensions. It is superior to blue board in terms of straightness, durability and resistance to movement. The added bonus of using Foam Board is that it gives an extension a solid brick, rendered finish, making the walls look like the original walls of the house.

We are able to perform the Acrylic Render of this surface as part of the procedure for installing and rendering these foam panels. We ensure that there are no uneven lines or cracks which could result in leakage.

Rendering over Blue Board

Blue board is an excellent material which can be used for interior and exterior walls. It can also be used for cosmetic purposes.

We can render these surfaces, resulting in a clean seamless finish.

Rendering over brickwork/blockwork

A guaranteed way to drastically improve the look, character and value of a home is to perform a render over brickwork.

We perform render of brickwork on an exteriors or interiors and provide professional results. We use high quality materials and employ high standards of workmanship to achieve a long-lasting and impressive result.

The result of a quick and easy brickwork render will result in a home that has modern-appeal and higher valuation in the market.

Rendering over painted brickwork/blockwork

Rendering over painted brickwork has several options depending on the job.  First the walls need to be prepped then the render can be applied.

Patching Render

We can also patch render, if you require any surfaces to be patched due to wear and tear or damage, and ensure that the surface is seamless and long lasting.

Specialised Finishes

We believe that every house is unique and your render should match the design vision that you have mind. We have a range of quality finishes which will make your design stand out from the rest:

  • Smooth sponge finish render – performed using a sand cement mix to a thickness of around 10mm, screeded flat and then floated and sponged up at the end.

  • Bagging finish – Bagging is much cheaper than rendering and involves smearing a thin, uncalculated layer of mortar mix to the face and mortar  joints to achieve a rustic finish
  • Granosite finish - Brick and block substrates require a sand and cement render layer to create a uniform smooth substrate before overcoating. Granosite textures are acrylic finishes best applied over smooth substrates for maximum eye appeal.

  • Stucco finish- is a decorative coating finish that is sprayed on and troweled flat or flicked on containing aggregate to obtain a solid type look. Stucco is used as decorative coating for walls and ceilings, and also as a sculptural and artistic material in architecture or, can be used to coat concrete, clay brick or other materials.